Anonymous asked:
PSA to all the milsos that have pictures or anything to do with their so in uniform /"army/marine/navy wife" on social medias, yall might wanna be careful cause there's ISIS members on US soil that are targeting military members through social media, they'll stalk you & get your location & stuff. Every1 please be very careful what you post online!! Protect our military husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/fiancée/fiancé at all costs!!!!
carabeth822 asked:
How does everyone deal with families disapproving of the long distance with your SO? He is stationed in WA and I live in NE. The distance doesn't bother us and we love each other very much. My family on the other hand refuses to believe that living so far apart can equal any a relationship. They tell me very toxic things like he can NEVER be faithful living miles apart and only being able to see him every few months. Has anyone else ever dealt with this? Please help!

I’ve definitely dealt with it before and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s a really tough situation to be in because they’re your family and you know they have your best interests at heart, but on the other hand…. It sucks to hear them say mean things. I had to really work on biting my tongue and tuning it out for a while. And eventually, I just had to sit them down and tell them that I know how they feel about it, I know they don’t approve, and I asked them to stop constantly reminding me of that. Tell them how it makes you feel. You know your SO and you know your relationship. Long distance relationships are hard, but they can absolutely work. Sorry for the really long answer!

-Jess 💕

So, I’m part of a radio show at school and Ryan called in to surprise me and request a song. Now that’s keeping things romantic and spontaneous in a long distance relationship! 😍❤️


Hey guys,

I’ve been incredibly swamped. And trying to figure out how to marry josh.

Has any of you done a dual military marriage? Him and I both are confused on where to start and our commands not helping cause they don’t want us too.

I hope you guys can help me!

Anonymous asked:
My SO left for bootcamp in August and we only have contact through letters and Sunday phone calls. He is still friends with this girl he was talking to while talking to me. I don't think he should be friends with someone he had a romantic interest in. I have guy friends that I've been friends with for 4-5 years and he says that if I have guy friends, he should be able to be friends with her. I don't want them following each other on Instagram or anything other social network. Am I overreacting?

Honestly, I do think you are overreacting a little bit. Both of you should be secure enough in your relationship to each have friends of the opposite gender. It’s possible to be just friends with someone without it meaning something more. If he has a friend that is a girl, she should be no threat to you (unless you are having problems similar to one of our recent anons—then you can worry). 

One of the huge reasons why Jim and I used to fight was because of my guy friends, yet he was allowed to have a very close, very flirtatious girl friend. Everyone jumped to my defense saying that was unfair… There shouldn’t be double standards here. 


daises-and-freedom asked:
how can I be an admin? :)

We are currently not searching for another admin as the traffic of messages that flows through our blog is consistently under control with 3 admins. However, when the time comes to pick a new admin, we do not only consider the application. We look to see which of our followers participate in our blog and add things to our posts and message us just to have friendly conversations. 

Hope this helps! 


smallinfinity asked:
so my SO has been gone since July now and we got together in August. the last time I seen him was at at a party during his time here in the states but it was just casual glances as I was dating someone at the time. he's an infantryman stationed in Europe. when we first got together we would talk everyday but now he's working all the time and we hardly talk at all. he comes home in about three months but it seems so far away and I miss him so much and I'm sad all the time.. I don't what to do :(

I’m right there with you. I have many days until I see Ryan again and it seems like it will take FOREVER to get there. And just like your guy, Ryan is busy almost all of the time with school and tennis. It sucks. And you can’t do anything to make it suck less, unfortunately. 

But, you can keep yourself busy and distracted. Set up dates with friends, go out to lunch with your mom or dad or sibling(s). Workout. Listen to positive music, not music that makes you miss him more. Your hobbies? Do them. Throw yourself into them and become absorbed. Join a club or a sport. Do your homework and get it done ahead of time. Reread your favorite books. Just do stuff. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it takes your mind off of missing him, you will be more content until you can be with him again.