justyenesis asked:
My bf & I are having our first kid and right now he's stationed in Florida. He's going to be able to come for the day I give birth but he won't be here physically to experience my pregnancy. It kind of upsets me but I know why he can't be here. But any advice would be nice? :)

That’s difficult, I’m so sorry that he’s gonna be apart from the best part of pregnancy! But at least he can be there for the birth, not many get that chance!

I’m not sure how to give advice sense I’ve not been in this situation. So I’m going to turn it over to our readers who possibly who know someone, and or have gone through this.

Anyone have any advice for her? Comment on here or message her!

I hope you and your baby remain healthy and continue with the beginning of your family💛

juliadawson asked:
My boyfriend just left a few days ago for bootcamp. I’m struggling a ton, I just started college so I don’t have my family or best friends to get my mind off of him. I’m trying to make friends and enjoy myself but I can’t seem to do it. Best advice?

You kinda just have to push through. You’re going through huge changes in your personal life & your relationship. It is totally okay to feel overwhelmed, homesick, & upset. 

My advice is to call your family & skype your friends. But, don’t let missing your man make you miss out on the amazing experience college is. You will meet some of your very best friends in college & have some of the most amazing adventures. Embrace that. My freshman year, I didn’t & it’s one of my biggest regrets. 

Alex :)

staarsandboulevards asked:
Hi! My girlfriend just left for Navy bootcamp two weeks ago. I could use some people that sympathize, and can give some much needed advice!

Reach out to her! She could use the help of our lovely followers right now!

-feel free to come to us anytime you need to talk or rant or ask questions. That’s what we’re here for.

-Jess 💕

niners97 asked:
Our school has homecoming coming up. If someone ask should i go with them? I talked about to my boyfriend -whos a marine at boot camp now- he didnt really like the idea of me going with another guy... I was planning on going with friends, but another guy wanted to go as friends. I dont know what to do.

You can go as friends. Don’t necessarily go have him pick you up or anything. If you guys go to dinner with friends before like I know my home town does then do that have him meet you there and he can then take you to the dance. Just make it less couplely (I know that’s not a word, but I’m making it one) as possible! And then have your parents or girlfriends drop you off afterwards. Therefore it’s just as friends but you got yourself a dance partner!💛

niners97 asked:
My boyfriends a marine and i have never dated anyone in the military. He just left today for boot camp. After boot camp how often will they be back? And since im his girlfriend would i be able to go to his boot camp graduation since im not family?

We don’t get leave very often. It’s very unfortunate. On the bright side you can always visit him at anytime. And he will visit as much as he can.

For his graduation, for the navy we are only allowed 4 people. But of he puts you on his list then yes you can go! 💛

You’ve all been so quiet lately! STOP IT! We like hearing from you guys. The good and the bad.

So let us know what’s going on in your lives! Or ask us about ours.. I’m pretty sure we could find a couple of brags if need be. We miss y’all!

Anonymous asked:
So I'm fairly new to the idea of dating military men, my boyfriend is in the Air Force and is being deployed in mid October, I have no idea what to do. I've asked some of the the wives of ww2 vets and all the advice they gave me was to write letters everyday and save them until comes home again so he can see how much he was really missed. But I still don't know what to expect.

Get Skype, get ready for late night calls and or late nights waiting for him. Get creative with packages with his favorite foods/ games. Send him cute pictures of you in your guys favorite places.

Keep yourself busy okay? Time will fly by! 💛

Hey everyone!

Sorry I’ve been so absent from the blog lately! Life is getting busy for me! I took a little mini vacation to the beach (which was much needed) because school starts tomorrow.

It’s my very last semester of college and I’ll be earning my bachelor’s degree in December. I’m really excited!

Moral of the story, school is going to be number one in my life, so forgive me if I’m a little absent from the blog but I’ll do my very best to make sure I answer your questions when I can. ❤️

-Jess 💕

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I have a question. My boyfriend is at BCT in Fort Sill, and he asked me to order him a new phone (he said his DS is cool with it). He wants it sent directly to him. The only problem is that the specific phone he wants only ships through UPS Ground instead of the USPS. Are UPS packages allowed to be sent, or can it only be regular mail?

That’s a good question! Anybody have an answer? Help us out here!